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In Open Source

Open source NocoDB includes a default workspace, and it does not allow the creation of additional workspaces. And hence, the user management on Open source is different from Cloud hosted solutions. This article details the specifics of User management on Open source.

User Management

Organisation is an workspace equivalent concept in Open-source NocoDB. An organisation can have multiple bases. Permissions within NocoDB are divided into two levels: Organisation level and Base level.

Organisation Level Permissions:

  • Org Level Creator: Allows users to create new bases and access invited bases.
  • Org Level Viewer: Allows users to access invited bases but does not permit the creation of new bases.

Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 5 01 41 PM

Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 5 01 30 PM

Base Level Permissions:

The permissions at base level in Open source NocoDB remain same as cloud solutions. The base level permissions are summarized below:

  • Owner: The user who created the project. A project can have only one owner. The owner persists until the project exists and the role is non-transferable. The owner has access to carry out any operations within the project, including deleting it.
  • Creator: Has access to carry out any operations within the project except deleting the project and removing the "Owner."
  • Editor: Can modify data but cannot modify the schema (add/remove fields, tables, users, and such).
  • Commenter: Can neither modify data nor schema, can only see data and can mark record-level comments.
  • Viewer: Can only see data.

Please note that the above-mentioned Base Level Permissions are additional to the already defined Organisation Level Permissions.

In addition to the previously defined permissions, NocoDB also includes the role of Super Admin. The Super Admin is the first user to sign up on this NocoDB installation. An organisation can have only one Super Admin and this role is non-transferable. The Super Admin will have the equivalent permissions of an "Org Level Creator" and "Owner" for all projects within the organisation.