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Import data into an existing table

Import data from CSV / Excel

Accessing import modal

  1. Click on ... context menu from the toolbar.
  2. Click on Upload button.
  3. Select Upload CSV / Upload Excel option.


Importing file data

There are two ways to upload source file:

1. Upload from local directory

  1. Select Upload tab from the Quick import modal.
  2. Click on file upload button or drag and drop file to the modal.
  3. Advance Settings (optional)
  4. Click on Import button.


2. Upload from URL

  1. Select URL tab from the Quick import modal.
  2. Paste the URL of the file.
  3. Advance Settings (optional)
  4. Click on Import button.


Field mapping

  1. Table Name (Optional)

    • Defaults to the name of the file; double-click to edit.
  2. Mapping Fields (Optional)

    • Existing field names are listed under Source field, while new fields identified from the import file are listed under Destination field.
    • NocoDB automatically maps destination field names based on the source field names.
    • You can reconfigure the mapping by utilizing the dropdown menu that appears when you click on the destination field.
  3. Exclude fields (Optional)

    • A checkbox is provided to exclude a field from being imported.
  4. Initiate Import

    • Click on the Import button to commence the file import process.


Advance settings

  • # of records to parse to infer datatype - defaults to 500 records.
  • Utilize First Record as Headers**`: Enabled by default. If selected, the first record in the spreadsheet will be treated as the header record and its contents will be used as field names.