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Filtering records

Filters provide a powerful way to narrow down and organize your data according to your specific requirements. NocoDB supports nested filters, allowing you to select multiple fields and conditions for filtering. You can choose between and or or mode of operation to combine filters, and filtering also supports Lookup, Formula, and Nested Data.

Adding or Editing Filters

To add or edit a filter, simply click the Filter button in the toolbar and select either Add filter or Add filter group.

Add Filter

Configure the filter by specifying the Field, Operation, and Value (if applicable).

Filter Configuration

You can combine multiple filter conditions using either And or Or mode of operation.

Nested Filters

Deleting Filters

To remove a filter, click on the bin icon located to the right of the respective filter.

Delete Filter

Grouping Filters

You also have the option to group multiple filters together using a Filter Group.

Grouped Filters

Enabling NULL and EMPTY Filters

By default, NULL filters (is null & is not null) and EMPTY filters (is empty & is not empty) are hidden. If you wish to filter out either of these explicitly, you can enable Show NULL and EMPTY Filter in Project settings.

Before enabling Show NULL and EMPTY Filter:

Show isBlank

Once enabled, you can use the is null & is empty filters to filter out cells with NULL or EMPTY values.

Show NULL and EMPTY Filter

Alternatively, you can use Blank filters to filter out cells with NULL or EMPTY values.

Supported Filters

NocoDB currently supports various types of filters for corresponding fields. Please refer to the matrix below for detailed information.

Filter Matrix