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How to upgrade NocoDB ?

How to export CSV from the grid view ?

How to share the project with read only access ?

  • Either you can invite by email with 'viewer' access control
  • Share the base with publicly accessible link. Available since 0.82.0

How to check my Project info ?

  • You can open Project context menu and click Copy Project Info.


You should see the similar result as below.

Node: **v18.16.4**
Arch: **arm64**
Platform: **linux**
Docker: **true**
RootDB: **sqlite3**
PackageVersion: **0.111.0**

What is available in free version ?

  • Detailed comparison of NocoDB's generous CE compared to others is here.
  • NocoDB has just one version that is free & open source.
  • In it you will notice advanced features are all available for free.
    • ACL
    • Collaboration
    • Advanced Views : Form View, Gallery View & Kanban View
    • Share View
    • Embed View
    • Password protected View
    • Automations
    • API Token Support
  • And we would never move these features from free to an enterprise version of NocoDB.
  • There is no limitations to number of projects, rows or columns either.

What is the difference between Auth Token and API Token ?

Auth Token is a JWT Token generated based on the logged-in user. By default, the token is only valid for 10 hours. However, you can change the value by defining it using environment variable NC_JWT_EXPIRES_IN. If you are passing Auth Token, make sure that the header is called xc-auth.

API Token is a Nano ID with a length of 40. If you are passing API Token, make sure that the header is called xc-token.

Do we plan to have an Enterprise Edition?

For features that make sense for enterprises like below - yes

  • SSO, SLA, Organisation wide reports and analytics,
  • Advanced Audit or ACL,
  • Bespoke implementations & integrations,
  • A hosted solution.

And increasing number of our customers are requesting it.

How do we decide if a feature is Enterprise or not ?

  • Depends on the effort and whether the intended users are enterprises.

What are the official socials for NocoDB?

Is NocoDB available on the cloud?

Soon! NocoDB is currently developing cloud infrastructure. To join the upcoming FREE private beta program, fill out this form here and be the first to try it!