How to upgrade NocoDB ?

How to export CSV from the grid view ?

How to share the project with read only access ?

  • Either you can invite by email with 'viewer' access control
  • Share the base with publicly accessible link. Available since 0.82.0

How to check my current NocoDB version ?

  • You can hover the NocoDB icon on the top left corner or check PackageVersion in Project info.


How to check my Project info ?

  • You can click on top right icon and click Copy Project Info.


You should see the similar result as below.

Node: **v16.14.0**
Arch: **arm64**
Platform: **darwin**
Docker: **false**
Database: **mysql2**
ProjectOnRootDB: **false**
RootDB: **mysql2**
PackageVersion: **0.90.0**

What is available in free version ?

  • NocoDB has just one version that is free & open source.
  • In it you will notice advanced features are all available for free.
    • ACL
    • Collaboration
    • Advanced views : Form View, Gallery view, Kanban (coming soon)
    • Share view,
    • Embed view
    • Password protected view,
    • Automations
    • API token support.
  • And we would never move these features from free to an enterprise version of NocoDB.
  • There is no limitations to number of projects, rows or columns either.

What is the difference between Auth Token and API Token ?

Auth Token is a JWT Token generated based on the logged-in user. By default, the token is only valid for 10 hours. However, you can change the value by defining it using environment variable NC_JWT_EXPIRES_IN. If you are passing Auth Token, make sure that the header is called xc-auth.

API Token is a Nano ID with a length of 40. If you are passing API Token, make sure that the header is called xc-token.

Do you plan to have Enterprise Edition ?

For features that make sense for enterprises like below - yes

  • SSO, SLA, Organisation wide reports and analytics,
  • Advanced Audit or ACL,
  • Bespoke implementations & integrations,
  • A hosted solution.

And increasing number of our customers are requesting it.

How do we decide if a feature is Enterprise or not ?

  • Depends on the effort and whether the intended users are enterprises.