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Connect to a Data source

To connect to an external data source, follow the steps below:

  1. Access Base context menu by clicking on the Base name in the left sidebar

  2. Select Data Sources tab

  3. Click on + New Data Source button

  4. On the pop-up modal, provide the following details:

    Field NameDescription
    Source NameName for this data source for display on NocoDB UI
    Database TypeType of the data source. Currently, NocoDB supports PostgreSQL & MySQL data sources.
    Host AddressHostname of the data source
    Port NumberPort number of the data source
    UsernameUsername to connect to the database
    PasswordPassword to connect to the database
    DatabaseName of the database to connect to
    Schema nameName of the schema to connect to
  5. Click on Test Database Connection button to verify the connection

  6. Wait for the connection to be verified.

  • After connection is successful, Submit button will be enabled.
  • Click on Submit button to save the data source.

data source-1

data source-2

data source-3