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Create base

Create base from scratch

To initiate the creation of a new database from the ground up, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the left sidebar and either select the + icon adjacent to Projects or click on the + New Project button.
  2. Input the desired name for the database within the presented pop-up modal.
  3. Conclude the process by clicking on the Create Database button.

image image

  • Upon the creation of the base, you will assume the role of the base owner.
  • Only the base owner possesses the authority to delete a base.
  • It is possible to create multiple bases within a single workspace.

On the successful creation of a base, you will be directed to the Base Dashboard, which serves as the primary landing page for the base. This central hub provides users with swift access to essential features such as base settings and collaboration tools. To access the Base Dashboard, simply click on the base name located in the left sidebar.

Find more details on adding tables to a base in the Tables section.