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Version: 0.109.7 - Old UI

Team & Auth

Accessing Team & Auth

  • Click on Team & Settings from the Project Menu
  • Access Team & Auth under Settings

User Management

How to Add a User

  1. Go to Team & Auth, click on Invite Team


  1. Enter the user's E-mail. Select User Role, and Click Invite.

You can add multiple comma (,) seperated emails

Screenshot 2022-09-13 at 10 54 39 AM

If you do not have an SMTP sender configured, make sure to copy the invite link and manually send it to your collaborator.

Screenshot 2022-09-13 at 10 54 22 AM

How to Update user permissions

  1. Use Edit <1> menu to assign a different role to existing user
  2. Use Delete <2> menu to remove a user from accessing current project


User Role Permissions

Advanced Options & Configurations

                                                       Owner        Creator        Editor    Commenter    Viewer    
App Store
Team & Auth
Project Metadata
New user: Add Owner
New user: Add Creator
New user: Add Editor
New user: Add Commenter
New user: Add Viewer
View existing users
Preview mode

Schema Options

                                                       Owner        Creator        Editor    Commenter    Viewer    
Add table
Delete table
Modify table
Add column
Delete column
Modify column

Record Options

                                                       Owner        Creator        Editor    Commenter    Viewer    
Add row
Delete row
Modify row/ cell
Expand row
Right click on cell (add/edit row)
View table data (cell) contents


                                                       Owner        Creator        Editor    Commenter    Viewer    
View comments from others
Add comments


                                                       Owner        Creator        Editor    Commenter    Viewer    
Create new view
Share view

Project Generals

                                                       Owner        Creator        Editor    Commenter    Viewer    
Created views access
Filter fields/ Column
Filter fields/ Query
Sort fields
Auth token
Project Info
Swagger API

API Tokens Management

NocoDB allows creating API tokens which allow it to be integrated seamlessly with 3rd party apps. API Token is a Nano ID with a length of 40. If you are passing API Token, make sure that the header is called xc-token.

  • Open Project Menu, click on Team & Settings
  • Click API Tokens Management tab under Team & Auth section

  • Click Add New Token


  • Type an recognizable name for your token and click Generate

Screenshot 2022-09-14 at 10 20 10 AM

  • Copy API token to your clipboard; use action menu to the right of token list