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Version: 0.109.7 - Old UI

Primary Key

What is a Primary Key ?

  • A primary key is a special database table column designated to uniquely identify each table record.

What is the use of Primary Key ?

  • As it uniquely identifies an individual record of a table, it is used internally by NocoDB for all operations associated with a record

Primary Key in NocoDB

  • Primary Key that gets defined / used in NocoDB depends on how underlying table was created. Summary is captured below
  1. From UI, Create new table / Import from Excel / Import from CSV
    1. An ID [datatype: Integer] system field created by default during table creation is used as primary key
    2. Additional system fields created-at, updated-at are inserted by default & can be omitted optionally; these fields can be deleted after table creation
  2. Connect to existing external database
    1. Existing primary key field defined for a table is retained as is; NocoDB doesn't insert a new ID field
    2. Additional system fields created-at, updated-at are not inserted by default
  3. Import from Airtable
    1. Airtable record ID is marked as primary key for imported records, and is mapped to field ncRecordId [datatype: varchar]
    2. If a new record is inserted after migration & if ncRecordId field was omitted during record insertion - auto generated string will be inserted by NocoDB
    3. Computed hash value for the entire record is stored in system field ncRecordHash
    4. Additional system fields created-at, updated-at are not inserted by default
  4. Create new table using SDK / API
    1. No default primary key field is introduced by NocoDB. It has to be explicitly specified during table creation (using attribute pk: true)

What if Primary Key was missing?

It is possible to have a table without any primary key.

  • External database table can be created without primary key configuration.
  • New table can be created using SDK / API without primary key In such scenario's, new records can be created in NocoDB for this table, but records can't be updated or deleted [as there is now way for NocoDB to uniquely identify these records]

Example : Primary Key & optional system fields during new table creation


Example : Show System Fields


Can I change the Primary Key to another column within tables ?

  • You can't update Primary Key from NocoDB UI. You can reconfigure it at database level directly & trigger meta sync explicitly.