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Version: 0.109.7 - Old UI

Keyboard Maneuver


ALT tInsert new table
ALT rInsert new row
ALT cInsert new column
ALT fToggle fullscreen mode
ALT iInvite a member to team
ALT ,Open Team & Settings menu

Grid view

Jump to first record in this column (in same page)
Jump to last record in this column (in same page)
CCopy cell contents
EnterSwitch cell in focus to EDIT mode; opens modal/picker if cell is associated with one
EscExit cell EDIT mode
DeleteClear cell
SpaceExpand current row
General cell navigation
TabMove to next cell horizontally; if on last cell, move to next row beginning

Column type specific

Text / Numerical cells Move cursor to the left / right
Move cursor to the beginning / end
Single Select Move between options
EnterSelect option
Multi Select Move between options
EnterSelect / deselect option
DateTimeCtrl ;Select current date time
Link Move between options
EnterLink current selection
Rating<0 ~ Max>Enter number to toggle rating

Expanded form

EnterSave current expanded form item