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Grid View, as a default type of view, allows you to display your data in a spreadsheet-like interface using rows and columns. Rows are as referred to as records and columns as fields in NocoDB.

1010-2 Grid

Grid view is the default view type for all tables. This view type is ideal for viewing and editing data in a spreadsheet-like interface. You can also perform various operations on the grid view, such as sorting, filtering, grouping, and searching. You can also export the data in the grid view to CSV or Excel format. This section will cover all the operations that can be performed on the grid view.

Grid View Actions

  1. Create a New Grid View
  2. Rename an Existing Grid View
  3. Duplicate a Grid View
  4. Remove a Grid View
  5. Share a Grid View
  6. Lock Grid View for Edits

Grid View Operations

  1. Rearrange Fields Within the Grid
  2. Show or Hide Fields Within the Grid
  3. Apply Filters to Display Specific Records on the Grid
  4. Sort Records on the Grid by One or More Criteria
  5. Group Records Horizontally on the Grid
  6. Search for Specific Data Within Fields
  7. Export Data to CSV or Excel Format
  8. Adjust Record Height on the Grid
  9. Customize Field Width
  10. Toggle Field Visibility on the Grid

Grid View Record Operations

  1. Add a New Record to the Grid
  2. Edit an Existing Record on the Grid
  3. Delete a Single Record from the Grid
  4. Delete Multiple Records in Bulk from the Grid

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