Table Creation

Once you have created a new NocoDB project you can open it, In the browser, the URL would be like

Now you can start creating new tables, so let's begin the table creation by simply clicking one of the following options.


On click, it will popup a table create a modal popup, in which you can enter the table name alias and table name. Enable/disable default columns and finally click the Submit button.


You can't disable the id column since we need a primary column for the table.

After the successful submission, the table will create and open as a new tab.


Column Creation

Adding a column is simple, you have to click the + icon on the right corner of the table.


After the click, it will show a menu and you can enter the column name and choose the column type (Abstract type) from the column type. And finally, you can click the save button to create the new column.


For more about Abstract type click here.

Finally, we have our new column as part of our table.


Row creation

For adding new values to the table we need new rows, new rows can be added in two methods.

Using Form

  • Click the + icon in the toolbar of the table tab. Pasted_Image_23_07_21__5_40_PM
  • Now it will open a modal Form to enter the values, provide the values and press the save button. Pasted_Image_23_07_21__6_22_PM
  • After saving it will be there on your table. image

Using Table Row

  • Click the bottom row of the table which contains + icon at the beginning. Pasted_Image_23_07_21__6_36_PM

  • Now it will add a new row in the table and you can start editing by any of the following methods

    • Double click
    • Click and start typing (this way it will clear the previous content)
    • Click and press enter to start editing
  • And it will automatically save on blur event or if inactive.

Table Deletion

The table can be deleted using the delete icon present in the toolbar within the table tab.


Column Deletion

Column deletion can be done by using the delete option from the column header menu.


Row Deletion

Right-click on anywhere in the row and then from the context menu select Delete Row option. Bulk delete is also possible by selecting multiple rows by using the checkbox in first column and then Delete Selected Rows options from the context menu.