Primary Value

What is a Primary Value ?

  • Primary value as the name stands is the primary or main value within a row of a table that you generally associate that row with.
  • It should be usually associated with a column which is uniquely identifiable. However, this uniqueness is not enforced at the database level.

What is the use of Primary Value ?

  • Within a spreadsheet, primary value are always highlighted so that it is easier to recognise what row we are in.
  • And when LinkToAnotherRecord is created between two tables - it is the primary value that appears in LinkToAnotheRecord column.

Example : Primary Value highlighted in Actor table


Example : Primary Value highlighted in Film table


Example : Primary Value associated when LinkToAnotherRecord is created


How to set Primary Value ?

Click down arrow in the target column. Click Set as Primary Value.


How is Primary Value identfied for existing database tables ?

  • It is usually the first column after the primary key which is not a number.
  • If there is no column which is not a number then the column adjacent to primary key is chosen.

Can I change the Primary Value to another column within tables ?

  • Yes, you can use the same way mentioned above to set Primary Value.