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Data Sources


Data Sources tab includes following functionalities

  • Connect/manage external data source
  • UI Access Control
  • Relations

Note that, currently only one external data source can be added per project.

Accessing Data Sources

Click Data Sources tab in Project dashboard

data source

Sync Metadata

Go to Data Sources, click Sync Metadata, you can see your metadata sync status. If it is out of sync, you can sync the schema. See Sync Schema for more.

sync metadata

UI Access Control

Go to Data Sources, click UI ACL, you can control the access to each table by roles.

ui acl


Go to Data Sources, click Relations, you can see the ERD of your database.


Junction table names within Relations

  • Enable Show M2M Tables within Project Settings menu
  • Double click on Show Columns to see additional checkboxes get enabled.
    • Enabling which you should be able to see junction tables and their table names.


Edit external database configuration parameters

Go to Data Sources, click Edit icon, you can re-configure database credentials.
Please make sure database configuration parameters are valid. Any incorrect parameters could lead to schema loss!

edit db config

Go to Data Sources, click Delete against the data source that you wish to un-link.

datasource unlink

Data source visibility

Go to Data Sources, toggle Radio-button against the data source that you wish to hide/un-hide.

datasource visibility