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Example organization structure

Consider an organization with

  • 5 departments (company departments), each department has a team name & associated team code. Each Team has many Employees - relationship has been defined using LinkToAnotherRecord or Linkscolumn
  • 5 employees working at different departments


Now, let's explore procedure to retrieve team-code information in Employee table using LOOKUP columns

Configuring a lookup column

  • Add new column : Click on '+' icon to the left of column headers in Employee table
  • Feed column name
  • Select column type as 'Lookup'
  • Choose child table
  • Select child column
  • Click on 'Save'

lookup create

Required information is now populated in the newly created column

lookup display

Additional notes

  • Nested 'Lookup' supported: a Lookup field can have its child column datatype as Lookup (or Rollup).