Import Airtable to NocoDB

NocoDB allows a complete import of your Airtable to any MySQL, Postgres, SQLite and SQL server databases within minutes.

Import from Airtable is in beta version. See Importing Airtable To NocoDB for the migration notes.

Get Airtable Credentials

You need to retrieve API key and Shared Base ID / URL from Airtable.

Retrieve API Key

Retrieve Share Base ID / URL

See here for detailed procedures.

  1. Open Share menu in your Project / Base Screenshot 2022-05-16 at 3 47 27 PM

  2. Open tab Share Publicly

  3. Enable Turn on full base access

  4. Copy generated shared base URL Screenshot 2022-05-16 at 3 41 54 PM

Import Airtable to NocoDB

- A NocoDB Project
- Airtable Credentials

Below are 3 simple steps

  1. Go to your Project and Click Add / Import and click Airtable.

image image 2. Input API key & Shared Base ID / URL (retrieved from Get Airtable Credentials above). image 3. Click Import and you will see the status. image