Available Formula Features


AVGAVG(value1, [value2,...])AVG(Column1, Column1)Calculates the average of provided values and it requires minimum 1 argument
ADDADD(value1, [value2,...])ADD(Column1, Column1)Calculates the sum of provided values and requires a minimum of 1 argument
CONCATCONCAT(value1, [value2,...])CONCAT(FirstName, ' ', LastName)Outputs concatenated string of provided arguments
TRIMTRIM(value1)TRIM(Title)Removes trailing and leading whitespaces
UPPERUPPER(value1)UPPER(Title)Converts provided string arguments to upper case
LOWERLOWER(value1)LOWER(Title)Converts provided string arguments to lower case
LENLEN(value)LEN(Title)Outputs provided arguments character length
MINMIN(value1, [value2,...])MIN(Column1, Column2, Column3)Outputs lowest value among provided arguments
MAXMAX(value1, [value2,...])MAX(Column1, Column2, Column3)Outputs greatest value among provided arguments
CEILINGCEILING(value1)CEILING(Column)Rounds a number up to the next largest integer value
FLOORFLOOR(value1)FLOOR(Column)Outputs the largest integer which is less than or equal to the provided
ROUNDROUND(value1)ROUND(Column)Outputs the nearest integer to the provided value
MODMOD(value1, value2)MOD(Column, 2)Outputs the remainder after integer division, it requires 2 arguments
REPEATREPEAT(value1, count)REPEAT(Column, 2)Generate a specified number of copies of the string concatenated together
LOGLOG(value1, [base])LOG(Column)Outputs logarithm of a value
EXPEXP(value1)EXP(Column)Outputs the exponential value of a number (e^x)
POWERPOWER(base, exponent)POWER(Column, 3)Outputs the base to the exponent power, as in base^exponent
SQRTSQRT(value1)SQRT(Column)Outputs square root of the value
ABSABS(value1)ABS(Column)Provides absolute value of the value
NOWNOW()NOW()Use to get current date time
REPLACEREPLACE(value1, old_str,new_str)REPLACE(Column, old_string, new_String)Replaces all occurrences of old_string with new_String and returns the new string
SEARCHSEARCH(value1, search_val)SEARCH(Column, 'str')Search for a string and returns the index of the string position
INTINT(value1)INT(Column)Converts the value to integer and returns
RIGHTRIGHT(value1, count)RIGHT(Column, 3)Extracts n characters from the ending of string
LEFTLEFT(value1, [value2,...])LEFT(Column, 3)Extracts n characters from the sbeginning of string
SUBSTRSUBTR(value1, position, [count])SUBSTR(Column, 3, 2)Extract substring from a string
MIDSUBTR(value1, position, [count])MID(Column, 3, 2)It's an alias for SUBSTR
IFMIN(expression, success_case, [else_case])IF(Column > 1, Value1, Value2)If condition satisfies it return Value1 or it returns Value2
SWITCHMIN(expression, [pattern,value,..., default_value])SWITCH(Column1, 1, 'One', 2, 'Two', '--')Based on pattern match it return corresponding values
ANDAND(expression1, [expression2,...])AND(Column > 2, Column < 10)Checks all conditions are satisfying
OROR(expression1, [expression2,...])OR(Column > 2, Column < 10)Checks at least one condition is satisfying

Numeric Operators

+column1 + column2 + 2Addition of numeric values
-column1 - column2Subtraction of numeric values
*column1 * column2Multiplication of numeric values
-column1 / column2Divide numeric values

Logical operators

<column1 < column2Less than
>column1 > column2Greater than
<=column1 <= column2Less than or equal to
>=column1 >= column2Greater than or equal to
==column1 == column2Equal to
!=column1 != column2Not equal to