Column Operations


Click Fields to control the visibility of a field.


By default, all system fields will be hid. However, you can tick Show system fields to make them visible.


Re-order Columns

Column positions can be re-ordered. Open Fields menu, and re-order fields as needed by dragging and dropping the drag icon.


Hide / Unhide Columns

To hide / unhide columns, open Fields menu, tick checkbox to keep the column visible, untick checkbox to remove it from the view.

Tip: You can create different grid views with different fields shown in each view.


Sorting allows you to order contents alphabetically (A → Z) / (Z → A) (OR) in ascending / descending order. NocoDB allows nested sorting. You can choose column fields & order in which to apply nested sorting. Lookup, Formula, Nested Data are also supported in Sorting.

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Filters allow you to restrict / organize your data on the view as per your needs. NocoDB allows nested filters. You can choose multiple columns and conditions to apply filter. Between filters, you can opt for either and or or mode operation. Lookup, Formula, Nested Data are also supported in Filtering.

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You can also group several filters together using Filter Group.


Supported filters

Currently we support filter types - is equal, is not equal, is like, is not like, is null, is not null for string fields. We also support filter types - >, <, >=, and <= for numeric fields. Also we provide is empty and is not empty for checking if the column is empty or not.