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Actions on record

Keyboard navigation within Grid view

A selected cell can be in one of the following states:

  1. Select state : A single click on the cell selects the cell. When in this state, arrow keys can be used to navigate to adjacent cells.
  2. Edit state : A double click on the cell puts the cell in edit state. Cursor can be moved within the cell using arrow keys.
  • Double-click on a cell to put it in edit state directly.
  • From Select state, press Enter key to enter edit state.
  • Press Esc key to exit edit state.
  • From Edit state, press Enter key to save the changes.

Edit state for some cells will be a picker. For example, a cell with Single Select field type will have a picker with options to choose from. In such cases, arrow keys can be used to navigate between options.

Keyboard shortcuts for cell navigation

Jump to first record in this field (in same page)
Jump to last record in this field (in same page)
CCopy cell contents to clipboard
VPaste clipboard contents to cell
EnterSwitch cell in focus to EDIT mode; opens modal/picker if cell is associated with one
EscExit cell EDIT mode
DeleteClear cell
SpaceExpand current record
General cell navigation : left, right, top, bottom
TabMove to next cell horizontally; if on last cell, move to beginning of next record

Update Record

You can start editing by any of the following methods

  • Double-click on cell to edit
  • Click on cell and start typing (this way it will clear the previous content)
  • Click on cell and press enter to start editing

And it will automatically save on blur event or if inactive.

Bulk Update Records

You can bulk update records by

  1. Selecting multiple records that you wish to update together and then
  2. Right-click on the index field area (first column on the grid view) and then select Bulk Update records option from the context menu. This will open Bulk update modal. On the bulk update modal,
  3. Fields area : Select the fields that you want to update.
  4. Selected fields area : Enter the new value for the selected fields.
  5. Click on the Bulk Update all button
  6. A confirmation dialog will be displayed. Click on Confirm to update the records.

This action cannot be undone.

Bulk Update

Bulk Update

Bulk Update


You can drag drop required fields from the Fields area to the Selected fields area & vice versa.
You can update multiple fields at a time.

Delete Record (Single)

Right-click on record and then from the cell context menu, select Delete Record option.

delete row -1

Delete Record (Bulk)

Select multiple records by using the checkbox in first column and then Delete Selected Records options from the right click context menu.

delete row 2