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Environment Variables

For production usecases, it is recommended to configure

  • NC_DB,
VariableCommentsIf absent
NC_DBSee our example database URLs here.A local SQLite will be created in root folder if NC_DB is not provided
NC_DB_JSONCan be used instead of NC_DB and value should be valid knex connection JSON
NC_DB_JSON_FILECan be used instead of NC_DB and value should be a valid path to knex connection JSON
DATABASE_URLJDBC URL Format. Can be used instead of NC_DB.
DATABASE_URL_FILECan be used instead of DATABASE_URL: path to file containing JDBC URL Format.
NC_AUTH_JWT_SECRETJWT secret used for auth and storing other secretsA random secret will be generated
PORTFor setting app running port8080
DB_QUERY_LIMIT_DEFAULTDefault pagination limit25
DB_QUERY_LIMIT_MAXMaximum allowed pagination limit1000
DB_QUERY_LIMIT_MINMinimum allowed pagination limit1
NC_TOOL_DIRApp directory to keep metadata and app related filesDefaults to current working directory. In docker maps to /usr/app/data/ for mounting volume.
NC_PUBLIC_URLUsed for sending Email invitationsBest guess from http request params
NC_JWT_EXPIRES_INJWT token expiry time10h
NC_CONNECT_TO_EXTERNAL_DB_DISABLEDDisable Project creation with external database
NC_INVITE_ONLY_SIGNUPRemoved since version 0.99.0 and now it's recommended to use super admin settings menu. Allow users to signup only via invite url, value should be any non-empty string.
NUXT_PUBLIC_NC_BACKEND_URLCustom Backend URLhttp://localhost:8080 will be used
NC_REQUEST_BODY_SIZERequest body size limit1048576
NC_EXPORT_MAX_TIMEOUTAfter NC_EXPORT_MAX_TIMEOUT csv gets downloaded in batchesDefault value 5000(in millisecond) will be used
NC_DISABLE_TELEDisable telemetry
NC_DASHBOARD_URLCustom dashboard url path/dashboard
NC_GOOGLE_CLIENT_IDGoogle client id to enable google authentication
NC_GOOGLE_CLIENT_SECRETGoogle client secret to enable google authentication
NC_MINIf set to any non-empty string the default splash screen(initial welcome animation) and matrix screensaver will disable
NC_SENTRY_DSNFor Sentry monitoring
NC_REDIS_URLCustom Redis URL. Example: redis://:authpassword@ data will be stored in memory
NC_DISABLE_ERR_REPORTDisable error reporting
NC_DISABLE_CACHETo be used only while debugging. On setting this to true - meta data be fetched from db instead of redis/cache.false
AWS_ACCESS_KEY_IDFor Litestream - S3 access key idIf Litestream is configured and NC_DB is not present. SQLite gets backed up to S3
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEYFor Litestream - S3 secret access keyIf Litestream is configured and NC_DB is not present. SQLite gets backed up to S3
AWS_BUCKETFor Litestream - S3 bucketIf Litestream is configured and NC_DB is not present. SQLite gets backed up to S3
AWS_BUCKET_PATHFor Litestream - S3 bucket path (like folder within S3 bucket)If Litestream is configured and NC_DB is not present. SQLite gets backed up to S3
NC_SMTP_FROMFor SMTP plugin - Email sender address
NC_SMTP_HOSTFor SMTP plugin - SMTP host value
NC_SMTP_PORTFor SMTP plugin - SMTP port value
NC_SMTP_USERNAMEFor SMTP plugin (Optional) - SMTP username value for authentication
NC_SMTP_PASSWORDFor SMTP plugin (Optional) - SMTP password value for authentication
NC_SMTP_SECUREFor SMTP plugin (Optional) - To enable secure set value as true any other value treated as false
NC_SMTP_IGNORE_TLSFor SMTP plugin (Optional) - To ignore tls set value as true any other value treated as false. For more info visit
NC_S3_BUCKET_NAMEFor S3 storage plugin - AWS S3 bucket name
NC_S3_REGIONFor S3 storage plugin - AWS S3 region
NC_S3_ACCESS_KEYFor S3 storage plugin - AWS access key credential for accessing resource
NC_S3_ACCESS_SECRETFor S3 storage plugin - AWS access secret credential for accessing resource
NC_ADMIN_EMAILFor updating/creating super admin with provided email and password
NC_ATTACHMENT_FIELD_SIZEFor setting the attachment field size(in Bytes)Defaults to 20MB
NC_ADMIN_PASSWORDFor updating/creating super admin with provided email and password. Your password should have at least 8 letters with one uppercase, one number and one special letter(Allowed special chars $&+,:;=?@#|'.^*()%!_-" )
NODE_OPTIONSFor passing Node.js options to instance
NC_MINIMAL_DBSCreate a new SQLite file for each project. All the db files are stored in nc_minimal_dbs folder in current working directory. (This option restricts project creation on external sources)
NC_DISABLE_AUDITDisable Audit Logfalse
NC_AUTOMATION_LOG_LEVELPossible Values: OFF, ERROR, ALL. See Webhooks for details.OFF