Timely Build

NocoDB provides timely build versions on Docker and Executables by compiling our source code and packaging as a deliverable so that it can

  • reduce pull request cycle time
  • allow issue reporters / reviewers to verify the fix without setting up their local machines


When a non-draft Pull Request is created, reopened or synchronized, a timely build for Docker would be triggered for the changes only included in the following paths.

  • packages/nocodb-sdk/**
  • packages/nc-gui/**
  • packages/nc-plugin/**
  • packages/nocodb/**

The docker images will be built and pushed to Docker Hub (See nocodb/nocodb-timely for the full list). Once the image is ready, Github bot will add a comment with the command in the pull request. The tag would be <NOCODB_CURRENT_VERSION>-pr-<PR_NUMBER>-<YYYYMMDD>-<HHMM>.



Similarly, we provide a timely build for executables for non-docker users. The source code will be built, packaged as binary files, and pushed to Github (See nocodb/nocodb-timely for the full list).

Currently, we only support the following targets:

  • node16-linux-arm64
  • node16-macos-arm64
  • node16-win-arm64
  • node16-linux-x64
  • node16-macos-x64
  • node16-win-x64

Once the executables are ready, Github bot will add a comment with the commands in the pull request.