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Accessing APIs

NocoDB APIs can be authorized by either Auth Token or API Token.

Auth Token

Auth Token is a JWT Token generated based on the logged-in user. By default, the token is only valid for 10 hours. However, you can change the value by defining it using environment variable NC_JWT_EXPIRES_IN. If you are passing Auth Token, make sure that the header is called xc-auth.

  • Go to NocoDB Project, click on Nocodb on top left, Copy Auth Token.

copy auth token

API Token

API tokens allows us to integrate seamlessly with 3rd party apps. See API Tokens Management for more.

Swagger UI

You can interact with the API's resources via Swagger UI.

  • Open project context menu, select Swagger: REST APIs.


  • Click Authorize, paste the token you copied in above steps and click Authorize to save.