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Version: 0.109.7 - Old UI

Sync Schema

How to sync schema changes to NocoDB

NocoDB allows you to sync schema changes if you have made changes outside NocoDB GUI. However, it has to be noted then you will have to bring your own schema migrations for moving from one environment to other.

Below are the steps to sync schema changes.

1. From the Project menu, click Team & Settings


2. Click Data Source under SETTINGS, click Sync Metadata on the target base



3. Changes carried outside GUI, identified by NocoDB are listed under Sync state

  • If changes made to the database are not visible, click Reload
  • Identified schema changes are identified for each table in red
  • Sync now button gets activated, if Schema changes are identified by NocoDB


4. Click Sync Now to complete Schema sync procedure


  1. Column rename operation will be treated like column delete & column create operation.
  2. Only table schema changes identified will be listed under Sync state. Any changes to records are automatically synchronized.